Photo credit: Mark Thiessen / National Geographic

James Cameron is now the world’s first and only solo explorer of the Marian Trench, which is measured at 35,800-feet below sea level. He “arrived at the bottom with the tech to collect scientific data, specimens, and visions unthinkable in 1960, when the only other manned Challenger Deep dive took place, according to members of the National Geographic expedition.” Click here for more pictures. Continue reading for a video.

Among the 2.5-story-tall sub’s tools are a sediment sampler, a robotic claw, a “slurp gun” for sucking up small seacreatures for study at the surface, and temperature, salinity, and pressure gauges. Not one to miss out on maximizing a historic moment, Cameron invited Lieutenant Don Walsh – the only living person who has been to the Deep – to join him on his surface ship, the Mermaid Sapphire, to celebrate.

[via NationalGeographicExtremeTech]

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