Sinkhole Australia Queensland

A sinkhole that opened on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast last week swallowed a car, caravan and camping trailer is estimated to be 200 meters long, 50-meters wide, and up to 9-meters deep. Theories about what might have caused the sinkhole to develop have been circulating, with some people speculating the recent earthquake activity in the area could be responsible, while others suggest the sand mining that took place around Inskip Point in the mid-20th Century could also be playing a role. The video above shows what divers found at the bottom of this sinkhole. Continue reading for an aerial video.

“The scenes from inside the ocean show trees and shards of random of debris, which have been tossed aside by the powerful forces. As the cameraman weaves between the floating objects, he passes what appears to be a truck, with a sign reading ‘do not overtake turning vehicle’,” reports HuffPo

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