McLaren P1 GTR

So, you already have a McLaren P1, but want something even faster, just for the track? Well, the McLaren P1 GTR should do the trick. Featuring a stripped down interior and an F1-based steering wheel. There’s also a 90kg (198-pound) carbon fiber MonoCage chassis sourced from the road version, along with DTM-style, carbon fiber seat-shells to keep the weight down. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and additional information.

“The main event in the cockpit is the newly developed steering wheel. The design is based on that of the 2008 championship-winning MP4-23 Formula 1 car, and aims to make all of the controls as easily accessible and user-friendly as possible, even when the driver is wearing a full race suit and helmet. Mode switches and other key controls are located in the center of the wheel, so that they can be easily accessed without the driver needing to take their hands off the wheel,” says Gizmag.



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