Photo credit (top): Roberto Porto

For those who aren’t able to go outside and get a clear view of the meteor shower tonight, here are a few incredible photographs and videos captured by fans. Unlike other meteor showers, “experts predicted that last night’s Quadrantids meteor shower would average about 100 shooting stars per hour.” Unfortunately, only those who live in the northern hemisphere and stayed up past 3am got the best view. Continue reading for more pictures and videos.

If you’re not a night owl or didn’t get the chance to see last night’s shower, don’t worry. reports that the next two major meteor showers of 2012 will take place on April 22 and 23. 2012 is nearly the 200th year that the Quadrantids have been observed. First recorded in 1825, they are named for an obsolete constellation known as Quadrans Muralis, according to Discovery News.

[via SpaceHuffingtonPost]