Microsoft Haptic PIVOT Virtual Reality
The problem with virtual reality devices is that controllers can only be used for interacting with objects, but Microsoft has a wrist-worn haptic device that will let you feel them. Called the Haptic PIVOT, this device renders virtual objects into the user’s hand on demand, consisting of a single actuated joint that pivots a haptic handle. This means that objects can be moved in and out of a user’s hand, giving them the sensation of grasping, catching, or throwing an object. Read more for a video demonstration and additional information.

Similar devices fit directly over the palm, while PIVOT leaves the user’s palm free when not in use, allowing them to make unencumbered use of their hand. It also renders forces acting on the held virtual objects, such as gravity, inertia, or air-drag, by actively driving its motor while the user is firmly holding the handle. When worn on both hands, they can add haptic feedback to bimanual interaction, like lifting larger objects.

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In our user study, participants (n=12) evaluated the realism of grabbing and releasing objects of different shape and size with mean score 5.19 on a scale from 1 to 7, rated the ability to catch and throw balls in different directions with different velocities (mean=5.5), and verified the ability to render the comparative weight of held objects with 87% accuracy for ~100g increments,” said Microsoft.