Face Morphing Transforming Software

Researchers at Washington University have developed software that can reconstruct 3D simulations of that person’s likeness, using algorithms designed to maintain their unique facial expression. These specialized algorithms map 49 points on a person’s face, and then chart how they change depending on various emotions. The result is showcased in the video above, in which the team was able create digital models of several well known celebrities. Continue reading for another tech demo and more information.

“For instance, they were able to map former president George W Bush’s mannerisms onto the faces of other politicians and celebrities. It’s one step toward a grand goal shared by the computer vision researchers: creating fully interactive, three-dimensional digital personas from family photo albums and videos, historic collections or other existing visuals. As virtual and augmented reality technologies develop, they envision using family photographs and videos to create an interactive model of a relative living overseas,” according to Daily Mail.

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