ClipDrop AR Cut Paste
Whether if you have the new LiDAR-equipped iPhone 12 Pro or any other smartphone, ClipDrop is the first app that makes augmented reality practical. How so? It basically enables you to cut-and-paste real objects onto your computer’s desktop. Simply open the app, take a picture of something, and then hover it over a computer screen to use in your applications. Other uses include taking text from a book, as the app automatically removes the background. Read more for a video demonstration.

Adobe Photoshop AI Neural Filters NVIDIA
Artificial intelligence has been gaining traction with 3D artists and video editors who use the technology to improve their work as well as speed up their workflow. Today, Adobe Photoshop users can make use of GPU-accelerated neural filters. These neural filters are a new feature set for content creators to try AI-powered tools that enable them to explore innovative ideas and make amazing, complex adjustments to images in just seconds. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Adobe Photoshop Sky eEplacement
Let’s face it, capturing photos in the perfect lighting conditions outdoors is nearly impossible, or at least on a whim, but with Adobe Photoshop’s new AI-powered Sky Replacement function, that will be a problem of the past. All you need to do is open the image, click the tool from the edit menu, select from the available sky presets or add your own, and then the Sensei AI system swaps out the sky automatically. Read more for a video demonstration and additional information.

DOOM Port Panic Playdate
Some may have heard about the Playdate by Panic, a portable game console that was first introduced last May, but there hasn’t really been anything new until now. Just to recap, it boasts a black-and-white 1-bit screen, four-way directional pad, two game buttons, and a mechanical crank on the side. Nic Magnier, a game developer, managed to port the classic id Software game DOOM, to the console, complete with a hand cranked chaingun. Read more for a video and additional information.

Google Lens Copy to Computer
Photo credit: OptoCrypto
Google introduced a new feature for Lens that lets you copy and paste handwritten notes directly to your computer. To test it out, you’ll need the latest version of Google Lens or Google app and Chrome – available for both Android and iOS users. Next, open the Google Lens app or tap on the Lens button on the Google app, point your smartphone’s camera lens towards your handwritten notes, take a photo, select the text you want, tap ‘copy to computer’, and you’re done. Read more for a video demonstration and additional information.

Houseparty App Coronavirus
People working from home or students taking online classes are probably familiar with communication apps like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, but there’s one that you may not have heard of. Called Houseparty, it’s essentially a video-chatting app that lets hold virtual parties with up to 8 people. For those who don’t know, the makers of Fortnite, Epic Games, acquired this platform back in June 2019 for an undisclosed amount, so they definitely have the infrastructure to handle the influx of new users. Read more for a video and additional information.

South Korea Coronavirus Google Play App
Coronavirus cases are surging in South Korea and app developers are looking to help stop its spread. Developers are now using public government data to enable users to see how close they are to where a confirmed Covid-19 patient has been. Once downloaded, the app shows the date a patient was confirmed with the disease, their demographic data, and most importantly, their location history. Read more for a video and additional information.

iOS 14 Apple iPhone 11 Pro
New iPhone models are set to debut this year, and that means iOS 14 is on the horizon, but some may have gotten their hands on an early build even before the operating system is released to developers. This leaked video gives us a glimpse at a redesigned multitasking experience that is unlike the existing single-row view, but rather has multiple windows on a single screen. Read more for two videos and additional information.

New Redesigned Apple Maps
Apple just announced that all users in the United States can now experience a redesigned Maps with even faster and accurate navigation. This means more comprehensive views of roads, buildings, parks, airports, malls, etc., making it easier and more enjoyable to map out any journey. Use Look Around for interactive street-level imagery with high-resolution, 3D photography and smooth and seamless transitions through major cities.The new maps will be rolling out across Europe in the coming months. Read more for an animated image showing the difference between old and new.