Augmented Reality Google Maps AR

The Google Maps augmented reality navigation may only be available to Local Guides (community reviewers) for now, but these new videos provide a first look at the feature. Just to recap, Google Maps uses GPS get your location, and then uses the camera to pinpoint where you are with 3D arrows hovering over places you need to turn. If you hold the phone up in AR mode for too long, the app automatically darkens the screen to force a change to conserve battery power, data, as well as safety. Read more for another hands-on video preview.

MacOS EXE Windows
Computer security researchers at Trend Micro have discovered a new way hackers are trying to run .EXE files, the official executable file format used for Windows, on macOS. During their investigation, these .EXE files were delivering a malicious payload that overrides Mac’s built-in protection mechanisms such as Gatekeeper, with the highest numbers for infections to be in the United Kingdom, Australia, Armenia, Luxembourg, South Africa and the United States. It was found in the installer of a popular firewall app for Mac and Windows called Little Snitch, available for download from various torrent websites. Read more to discover how this app is able to bypass Gatekeeper.

Windows 95 Electron

Software developer Felix Rieseberg has created a version Windows 95 that could run on a number of different platforms, thanks to a framework called Electron – a framework for running cross-platform applications and uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build apps – complete with a web browser, sound support and more. The app boasts 500MB of free disk space, Microsoft FrontPage for creating websites and a few popular games, like Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Grand Prix Circuit. Read more for another video and the download link.

Shazam Grammy Awards Apple Music
There’s an “Apple Music special offer” for Shazam users who interact with the app during tonight’s Grammy Awards. By simply using the app during the event, you’ll get a full timeline of music from the show as well as see a rundown of songs in real-time as they are performed. Best of all, new subscribers to Apple Music who use Shazam during The Grammys will get an extended four month free trial. Read more for a video explaining exactly how the service works and for additional information on the special offer.

Google Maps Augmented Reality
Photo credit: Wall Street Journal
Google Maps is currently testing an augmented reality feature, first unveiled at the 2018 I/O developer’s conference, that provides users with turn-by-turn directions from your phone’s camera in real-time. It works by first locating a person via GPS and then uses Street View data to narrow it down to your exact point. Once this is determined, big arrows and directions appear on-screen. Read more for a video and additional information.

Netflix iOS Download iPhone
Netflix for iOS has just got Smart Downloads, so when you finish watching a downloaded episode, this feature will delete it, and then automatically download the next episode. Plus, this feature only turns on when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, so your data plan will never be used, and it won’t impact your device storage. “We know how annoying it can be to go through all your apps and delete files you no longer need; we also understand that when it comes to Netflix, the faster you can get to the next episode you want to watch, the better. Whether it is smart downloading or viewing a mobile preview, we realize the best part of Netflix is connecting with the stories you will love in an easier and more fun way,” said the company in a press release. Read more for additional information.

Computer Security macOS Mojave KeyChain Access
Computer security researcher Linus Henze discovered a KeySteal exploit in macOS Mojave that enables anyone to steal passwords from the operating system’s Keychain Access without requiring administrator privileges. Fortunately, it doesn’t affect items stored in iCloud’s keychain, or as far as we know. This may take a while to get patched, since Henze is protesting Apple’s bug bounty program, which only pays out to researchers for disclosing bugs on iOS and not macOS. Read more for a video of the exploit in-action.

Google Translate Magic: The Gathering
Photo credit: Rosewatta Stone
Released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering was the first trading card game created and it continues to thrive, with approximately twenty million players as of 2015, and over twenty billion Magic cards produced in the period from 2008-2016. One thing players may notice is that the flavor text – the italicized text, but not in parentheses, on a card that serves to provide a mood or give background information on the game world without effecting gameplay – on Magic cards is mystical, so this Google Translate experiment has yielded some unusual results to say the least. Read more to see a few examples.

Kholat Survival Horror Steam

Looking for something to do this weekend and love survival horror games? Steam is offering a free game to download through its client, the 2015 indie survival horror hit Kholat from Polish studio IMGN.PRO, complete with narration by actor Sean Bean. It’s available now on the Steam Store through February 4 at 9 AM PT. For those who don’t already know, the title is based on the Dyatlov Pass incident, a true event that involved ten Russian students, nine of which went missing on Kholat Syakhl, with the tenth student who walked back earlier due to illness, being the only survivor. Read more for a full video playthrough of the game.

Apple Watch Aetna
CVS Health Corp’s health insurer Aetna has partnered with Apple Inc. on a new health app for Apple Watches that uses an individual’s medical history to set personalized health goals. It’s called “Attain” and will reward Aetna customers for meeting activity goals and fulfilling recommended tasks, such as getting vaccinations or refilling medications, with either a subsidy toward the cost of an Apple Watch or gift cards. read more for a video news report and additional information.