Model Rebekah Marine Bionic Arm

Unlike other models gracing the catwalks at New York’s Fashion Week, 28-year-old Rebekah Marine works full-time for a car dealership, and didn’t start building her modeling portfolio until she was 22, while living in New Jersey. However, she does have a bionic arm, specifically an i-limb quantum prosthetic hand. You see, Marine was born with ‘limb difference’ and lived her entire life without a right forearm, but it was never an issue with her classmates, friends, or family, that is until…she wanted to model. Continue reading for three more videos and additional information.

“I was looking into new options, and one of my friends mentioned, ‘Hey, you have a really beautiful face. Maybe model it [the prosthetic] and you could be a spokesperson for a company some day. I think people are tired of seeing the same old 5’9″, skinny, perfect model. I think people really want to see diversity in these fashion shows and diversity in models in general when you see ads. I think that;s the next chapter in the industry,” Marine told The Daily Beast.