NASA Titan Submarine

What would a submarine to explore the liquid methane seas of Saturn’s Moon Titan look like? NASA has unveiled an innovative 2200-pound submarine design that would explore both the shoreline and the depths of this strange world that has methane rain, rivers and seas. It would be powered by a 1 kW radiothermal Stirling generator, which would not only provide power to propel the craft, but also keep the electronics from freezing. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Due to the large amount of data that needs to sent to Earth, the submarine needs a large dorsal fin that includes a planar phased-array antenna. While operating, the submarine would surface for 16 hours per day for Earth communications during which it would study its surroundings using a mast camera. This is a bonus because the high latitudes mean any break in the Titanian clouds would be rewarded with spectacular views of Saturn on the horizon,” reports Gizmag.