Nerf Modulus Recon MKII

The Nerf Modulus Recon MKII Blaster can fire darts up to 90-feet, and it’s being offered for just $18.75, today only, originally $24.99. Customize the blaster with the stock and barrel extension to create 4 different versions of the blaster. Whether it’s a stealth operation, close quarters battle, or long-range targeting, it can be configured for the next Nerf mission. Product page. Continue reading for a full unboxing and review video.

Load the blaster with the 6-dart clip and head into action. The blaster fires darts up to 90 feet (27 meters). Expand the customizing options with Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kits; with the full Nerf Modulus system, over 1000 different combinations are possible! More information.