VintageComputing managed to fit a CyberHome CH-DVD 300 DVD player into an old NES case, complete with retractable DVD tray, infared receiver, functional remote control, and stereo/S-Video/RCA jacks. This almost beats the Mac Mini NES we covered a few day ago. Look for more pics, a feature list, and one video clip after the jump.

From the article: “All that being said, here are some nice features of my particular NES DVD Player: * NES Power Button turns DVD Power on/off. * NES Reset Button ejects DVD tray. * Fully functional remote control…control. * Infrared receiver (for remote control) inconspicuously placed in first-player controller port area. * Upon ejecting or retracting the DVD tray, the NES cartridge slot door opens/closes automatically. * Stereo RCA audio left and right output jacks positioned on right side of unit where former NES composite video and mono audio RCA jacks were. * RCA Composite video output jack positioned where former NES RF output was. * Optional S-Video Output jack where NES channel 3-4 switch was. * AC Power cord firmly attached where NES AC Power Adapter used to plug in. * Yes, it really plays DVDs.”

(Thanks for the tip Brian!)[VintageComputing]