Apple’s iMac has long been known to be essential for photographers / graphic artists, and the latest refresh is no exception. It features the latest Intel Ivy Bridge i5 / i7 processors (up to 3.4-GHz), 32GB of user configurable RAM (27″ model only), Fusion Drive (SSD + HDD), and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX graphics. Continue reading for a hands-on video of the new iMac, more pictures, and additional information.


Although Apple isn’t calling this panel a “Retina Display,” the techniques and appearance of this panel are pretty close to Retina-level: the laminated front glass and anti-glare treatments make images look like they’re lying right on top of the screen, and the same scaling options you get on a Retina MacBook Pro are present in system preferences. (The highest available resolution on the 27-inch model is 2560 x 1440.) Overall it looks stunning – the first real reason to replace an iMac in years.