NASA has teamed up with Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Gulfstream to build the next-generation Concorde, which will reportedly go from London to Sydney in just 4-hours, reaching speeds in excess of 2400mph. In contrast, “the fastest subsonic executive jet, Gulfstream’s new G650, can fly 7,000 miles at a 646mph and has a top speed of just 704mph.” Continue reading for a video (The Concorde Story) and more information.

All three companies believe they are close to reduce the sonic boom to a sound described by a Gulfstream engineer last week as ‘closer to a puff or plop’. He said: ‘The fact that the big boys are all close confirms industry rumours that a new generation of supersonic planes is now, finally, within reach.Lighter composite materials, more advanced engines and smaller fuselages could enable new jets to travel about twice as fast as Concorde, which flew at up to 1358mph, according to the Sunday Times.


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