Nintendo Game Boy Gulf War

Anyone who grew up with the original Nintendo Entertainment System or Game Boy probably had quite a few mishaps, whether it be accidentally dropping the console or submerging it in water, but what about surviving a Gulf War bombing? There’s this original Game Boy from 1989 that belonged to a medic named Stephan Scoggins. It was placed inside barracks in the Middle East during a bombing and was shortly sent to Nintendo for repair afterwards with a note saying” “Fortunately, this Game Boy, several Game Paks and sundry other personal items were the only casualties claimed by a fire.” It can be seen at the Nintendo Store in New York. Read more for more footage of this remarkable game console running Tetris.

“Nintendo technicians thought the Game Boy was a lost cause, but decided to test a cartridge of ‘Tetris.’ To their surprise, it worked. The Game Boy is still functioning today. This Game Boy’s physical condition is less than perfect. The casing is clearly scorched, and the motherboard can be seen due to warping. The A and B buttons and D-pad buttons are melted, so it can’t be used, but the start and select buttons still work. There are also some dead spots on the screen. But the game cartridge and processor are still in full swing,” reports CT Post.


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