Nintendo Switch Android
Photo credit: Max Keller
Nintendo Switch fans who have always wished the portable game console could double as a full-fledged tablet will be happy to know that Android is officially coming, thanks to developers Billy Laws and Max Keller. They managed to get an early version of Android Q running on the device, complete with a working touchscreen, Joy-Cons, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Read more for a video demonstration and additional information.

“There are gotchas. GPU support is a work in progress — you wouldn’t want to play PUBG Mobile on the Switch right now, assuming it would even run. It’s also unclear how well the SD card slot, USB-C docking and other features work. This is a start, though, and those willing to throw caution (and warranties) to the wind could soon repurpose the Switch for everything from playing mobile games to everyday tasks like checking email,” reports Engadget.