Zero Motorcycles SR/F Electric

If Tesla made an electric motorcycle, it would probably look like the Zero Motorcycles’ 2020 SR/F, which features an air-cooled motor that generates 110 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque, which is good for a top speed of 120 MPH. Priced from $18,995, the base model is capable of traveling 161 miles on a single charge. You can also opt for an additional power tank that increases the range of each bike by about 25 percent, while an extra-fast charging option comes standard on the premium model, offering a 0 to 95 percent charge in just one hour. Read more for a 360° video and additional information.

“Similar to Tesla, Zero offers over-the-air updates for its bike. When new software is available, it’s delivered automatically to the machine, which runs Zero’s own software called Cypher III. The SR/F will also have its own dedicated app that riders can use to track their trips, share rides and receive alerts about any unexpected activity from the bike. It’ll also offer a customizable, full-color dash that will show the information that you want to see. Zero says the SR/F is the first fully “smart” motorcycle,” reports Engadget<