Goal Zero Lighthouse

Goal Zero’s Lighthouse 250 not only brightens things up with 250 lumens of LED light, but users can also save maximize the efficiency of the lithium-ion battery with the dimmable DuaLite Directional Lighting feature. The unit can either be recharged via USB, solar, or by manually hand cranking it. Oncecharged, it’s good for 48-hours of continous light usage, and there’s a built-in USB port to charge up your gadgets in case of emergency. Product page. Continue reading for a more detailed video review and additional information.

Reviewer G. Castle “Erulian” says: “Used this a lot in the boonies in Brazil. Great, runs all night on low setting, single side. Hint: Hook it up to the Guide 10 Power Pack [ it fits nicely cradled in the wire stand] and it will run all night on higher setting. Charges rapidly on solar panels. I just ordered a second one.” More information.

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