OfficeGuns has compiled a list of interesting weapons you can make using ordinary office supplies. “Continue reading” to see our favorites.

These are the basic guns. They all consist of few parts and are easy to assemble. This makes them perfect for stealthy attacks, since your enemies won’t know you are carrying an arsenal before it’s too late

Stabilo Maul

You fire the gun by pressing the cap down. Again it is important to practice beforehand to adjust your aim and timing. It is the flexibility of the cap that enables you to put the Mauly 32 in place. When you press the cap it expands and releases the Mauly 32

Double Maul

Hold the gun firmly and point it at the target. Slowly let go. It will fire when ready. It is quite easy to time the exact firing point. The projectile rotates in the air, inflicting maximum damage to the target

Rubber TEC

Keep the fingers holding the rubber band as far away from each other as possible. A tighter rubber band ensures a more powerful gun. Pull the TEC pen back always keeping your aim. Eventually the rubber band will pull the cap from the pen, launching it at your target. The projectile of the Rubber TEC will rotate through the air, thus increasing the damage on impact

TEC Maul

Arming the gun. Now you put the TEC pen into the cap. Not to far in, but enough that it will stay there. This is the critical point in the procedure. If you press it in to far, the gun will fire prematurely. This is dangerous! To fire the gun, you have to point it at the target and just press the cap down. If you have followed these steps correctly, it will fire the Mauly 19 at your target


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