Ball Pit Room

Google may have some of the coolest offices in the world, but Pearlfisher in London has a ball pit room. Not just limited to employee use, this immersive art installation, officially called “Jump In!”, is also open for free to the public. Pearlfisher will donate £1 to Right to Play, a global charity that combats the effects of poverty and conflict by teaching children sports and games, for every person that shows up. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“The response to the installation has been overwhelming, and it is now booked up for external visitors, a Pearlfisher spokeswoman tells Quartz. She attributes the excitement to ‘The importance of play in promoting creativity, its transformative power and the future of work being play. The fact that we’ve been inundated with requests shows there’s a real desire and need for this in our daily lives,'” according to QZ.