Photo credit: Sabine Pearlman via Reddit

Photographer Sabine Pearlman wanted to capture bullets like you’ve never seen them before. So, he sliced them precisely in half and then photographed their innards. Let’s just say that some of their contents may surprise you, or look entirely different than you would’ve imagined. Continue reading for more.

The design of the ammunition is determined by its purpose; anti-personnel ammunition is often designed to break up or tumble inside the target, in order to maximize the damage done. Anti-personnel shells contain shrapnel and are designed to explode in mid-air, so its fragments will spread over a large area. Armor-piercing ammunition tends to be hard, sharp, and narrow, often with lubrication. Incendiary projectiles include a material such as white phosphorus which burns fiercely. Tracer ammunition emits light as it travels, allowing the gunner to see the path of bullets in flight while using a machine gun.