With only a 60 mm rotor diameter, the Picoflyer is the world’s smallest RC helicopter. It’s roughly the size of a 9V battery, weighs 3.3g, and has a flight time of up to 1 minute. Video clip after the jump.

From the article: “It is operated via an 900 MHz radio link, however, due to its small size and no aid from electronic sensors it is rather difficult to control precisely in the air.”

Key benefits of the helicopter: * Absolutely stable without the use of any gyros or autopilots * There are no servos, actuators, rods, links, gears or other moving part * The whole helicopter is operated and controlled by 3 electric motors * Forward flight is achieved by tilting the helicopter with the tail propeller * The rotor blades are encircled by a ring that supports and protects them * It is very efficient, all the power is used to generate lift * It is silent, the mechanical drives and the rotors generate very little noise * There are no vibrations * It is safe