When is a home theater not just a home theater? When it features “a 1-pound-per-square-foot sound barrier material behind each of the walls, built out double walls-or a wall within a wall-on the two sides not abutting the foundation, and insulated the walls and isolated them with isolation brackets.” Click here for more pictures.

A Sim2 Domino30 single-chip DLP projector shines on a fixed and perforated Stewart Filmscreen display, with Energy Veritas speakers placed behind it. There are two inches of mineral fiber sound insulation behind the screen, with cutouts for the three speakers. A Denon AVR-5805 10-channel receiver pumps 140 watts per channel to the speakers, providing plenty of juice. “It�s not the pinnacle of home theater, but bang for its buck it gives you as much as you need,” says Schwartz.

[via Electronichouse]

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