8K VR Headset

After making headlines with the release of the first 4K VR headset, Pimax is set to stun the tech world yet again by doubling the field of view to 200°, which is almost matching the human view of 220°, and offering six times to the resolution provided by most VR headsets. The Pimax 8K VR combines stunning graphics and motion with high-end audio. This upgraded model is augmented with better transitions, while presenting no lag in viewing panoramic images and videos. This means users will be able to use Pimax 8K to experience up to two hours’ worth of media without experiencing the motion sickness that many suffer when using current VR technology. It also reduces the ‘screen door effect’, where users begin to see fine lines between pixels, so that a more natural environment can be enjoyed. Click here for the first image in this week’s geek life gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a Nerf putt-putt golf challenge.

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