If you like the idea of colorful waterproof speakers or candle holders with aroma therapy, Pioneer’s AS-PS55 (speaker) and AQUA Lumi (candle holder) are functional as they are stylish. The compact (210 × 85 × 212mm ) AS-PS55 waterproof speakers sport a 35mm stereo jack and come in three different colors. Connect any audio device via stereo jack for 0.325W, 8Ω output. Color changing LED’s on the Happy AQUA, Lumi provide soothing relaxation and can be used with your favorite scented candles. Shaped like a jewel, each measure 102×62.5mm and weigh just 106g. Priced at $29 (AS-PS55) and $24 (AQUA), these bath accessories will be released on February 3rd. Source: [NewLaunches]