So, you’re out traveling and forgot to bring your iPhone charger. Introducing the PocketPlug case. This innovative accessory allows you to use a standard power outlet or a microUSB port to charge your iPhone 5 / 5S. Simply pull the plugs out, and you’re ready to go. That’s not all, the little holes at the bottom were designed to enhance audio. Product page. Continue reading for our hands-on pictures and review.


From the moment we removed the PocketPlug from the packaging, we realized that it was a really well-built product. The finish is a matte black and very smooth to the touch. Installation is a breeze, as it only took a few seconds to remove the top half and slide our iPhone 5 in. We ran our iPhone dry before charging and can report that the integrated Quick Charging Technology really does work. It cut the standard 2.5-hour charging time down to a blazing 1.5-hours, which really helps on the road. When the plugs aren’t in use, they simply fold down into the case itself. After testing the charging time, we moved onto the enhanced audio ports, and did notice that any music / sounds played were much clearer. Is it worth the $69.95? An astounding yes! We give this accessory 5 / 5 stars, and will definitely be taking it on the road with us, without having to worry about bringing additional chargers. More information.

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