Gadgets lovers rejoice! The Powermat lets you wirelessly charge any iPhone (as well as other smartphones), iPod, Nintendo DSi / DS Lite, Sony PSP, a host of Kodak digital cameras, and hundreds more. Continue reading for an overview, unboxing, and hands-on pictures.


Slightly smaller than an Apple keyboard, the Powermat utilizes innovative power sleeves and receivers to offer cord-free gadget charging. Inside the box, you’ll find the mat, a PMR-PPC1 universal receiver with 8 interchageable tips, AC adapter, tip storage case, and an instruction manual.

To start the charging process, slide a receiver case on the device or plug it into the universal receiver, set it on the mat (supports up to 3 devices simultaneously), and you’re ready to go. The unit automatically shuts off when the device is fully charged, so to not waste energy. Basically, it uses magnetic induction and proprietary patent pending Powermat technology for the charging process.

Got a legacy USB device? Fear not, the Powermat also offers a wired USB charging option. Have a gadget that doesn’t seem to fit any of the interchangeable tips or sleeves? You can order a custom designed receiver. Product page.

Unboxing Video

Hands-On Pictures