NTT has developed an alarm that “provides advance warning of earthquakes seconds before they strike by relying on data from a nationwide system of seismometers put in place by the Japan Meteorological Agency.” Video after the jump.

With this system it’s especially true, as if you live at the epicenter of the quake you’ll barely get any notice at all. Oh, cruel technology! I guess it’s better than nothing

[via PinkTentacleSciFi]



The first time the earthquake alarm sounds, the girl goes into a mild panic, squandering her 20-second warning by wondering where to set the dish she is holding. She finally crawls under the dining table and all is well.
The next time an earthquake comes, she is prepared. The alarm sounds and the mechanical voice informs her that a magnitude 3 earthquake will strike in 20 seconds. The voice instructs her to protect herself from physical harm until the shaking stops, advising her not to run outside in a panic.