Electronic TENS Massager

The PurePulse TENS Electronic Pulse Massager lets you enjoy daily electronic shock treatments from the comfort of your home for just $13.95 with coupon code: PEPULSE6, today only, originally $59.99. When used as recommended, PurePulse provides immediate pain relief by targeting your sore or aching muscles with TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) pulses that activate your body’s natural pain blockers-making it a safe alternative to drugs or surgery. Give your shoulders, neck, back, waist, legs, arms and more the relief they crave. Product page – be sure to enter coupon code: PEPULSE6 on the final checkout page for the additional discount. Continue reading for another video review and more information.

Three healing bodywork settings – massage, beat and knead-help to treat muscle stiffness, soreness and chronic pain. Dual channels allow you to cater to the unique needs of your muscles and customize your treatment using two different stimulation and power levels simultaneously. Six high-frequency stimulation modes help accommodate your body’s different muscle groups including waist, shoulder, joint, hand/leg, and foot soles. More information.