Quadmovr Turbocharged Drone

There are drones and then there’s the Quadmovr. While this custom creation has four copter blades on each corner like normal drone, its French designer has tweaked the motors to make it quite possible the worlds fastest civilian stunt drone. You’ll see that it can literally drop straight down and then suddenly cut away in any direction near instantly. It’s so fast that Peregrin falcons, which are incredibly quick, might actually having trouble catching keeping pace. Continue reading for the video.

“The idea of a quadcopter has been around since 1907, and the first early successful attempts at building them were ‘full scale’ concepts that failed to stay in use. It turned out that the quadcopter design is best suited as a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Since these UAV’s are so cheap, they’re being used in a myriad of ways. The military uses one called the Aeryon Scout that can quietly hover in place and take pictures far below, about 1.9 miles away from the pilot,” according to Life Buzz.