Qwake Techonlogies C-Thru Heads Up Display Firefighter
Qwake Technologies’ C-Thru could potentially save countless lives, and it’s basically transparent glass HUD over one eye within the breathing apparatus. This device projects a live feed of vision taken from a thermal camera on the outside of the mask, which uses a shape-predicting AI algorithm, allowing the firefighter to see various materials outlined in green with zero visibility due to their different thermal conductivity. Read more for a video and additional information.

The Cosumnes Fire Department in California tested this technology in a live drill, and the firefighters who wore the C-Thru system claimed they could not only could they see the “victims”, but their surroundings as well.

LEGO Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 70423 Augmented Reality (AR) Building Kit
  • Introduce youngsters to the exciting world of LEGO Hidden Side : A unique play experience that combines the open creative play of LEGO building toys for kids with an augmented reality app
  • This powered-up school bus ghost toy has a pull-out command center, flip-out ‘de-haunting’ cannons, rooftop scanners and space for 4 minifigures for hours of ghost-hunting adventures
  • This AR toy for kids includes 6 figures, including heroes Jack Davids and Parker L. Jackson with smartphones, J.B., Nanna, Bill, and ghost dog figure, Spencer so kids can go on their own ghost-hunting adventures
  • This ghost playset is for boys and girls aged 8+, The Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 70423 set can be built together with all other LEGO toys and LEGO bricks for creative play
  • This bus toy for kids measures over 5 inches (15cm) high, 3 inches (10cm) wide and 11 inches (29cm) long, and is great for kids who love haunted-themed toys and ghost toys

It can see through dark, and see through smoke,” said Cossman. “The idea of putting something [in front of your eyes] so that it’s always on, was the first step. But then the second step was simplifying it in a way that is reduced and made much more simple, just edges and contours of objects,” said Sam Cossman, an explorer and digital entrepreneur who led a science expedition into the crater of the Masaya volcano.