HP-110 Portable Laptop

Priced at $2995 ($6841.40 in today’s dollars), the Hewlett-Packard HP 110, also known as the HP Portable, was basically an MS-DOS compatible laptop released in 1984. It featured a Harris 80C86 running at 5.33-MHz with 272 KB of RAM, and had an 80 character by 16 line monochrome (480 x 128 pixel) liquid crystal display. The device ran MS-DOS 2.11, and had the application programs MemoMaker, Terminal Emulator and Lotus 123 in ROM. Its LCD could be tilted for better viewing, or just folded down over the keyboard for easy transport. Continue reading for more fascinating historical pictures.

18. First Atomic Bomb Before Trinity Test c.1945

17. Drive-in Theater in West Virginia c.1956

16. Madison Square Garden Car Show c.1900

15. Hans Zimmer Standing Next to Moog Modular System

14. Samurai c.1866

13. Audrey Hepburn Shopping with Pet Deer c.1958

12. Indian Land for Sale Flyer c.1911

11. Actual $7.2-Million Check US Issued to Russia for Alaska c.1868

10. Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln c.1861

9. Berlin Wall Construction c.1961

8. Las Vegas, Nevada Atomic Bomb Test c.1953

7. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Holding Up Charlie Chaplin on Wall Street to Promote Liberty Bonds c.1918

6. British Airship R33 in Yorkshire c.1919

5. Oil Well Fire in Signal Hill, California c.1931

4. Civil War Draft Letter c.1863

3. $100 Confederate States of America Bank Note c.1862

2. Page from CIA Manual c.1963

1. RMS Titanic Lunch Menu c.1912