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Razer’s Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) headset has just received a new update called Hacker Development Kit 2 (HDK2). Unlike its predecessor, HDK 1.4, this version features an updated (2160×1200) OLED display panel and a 90Hz refresh rate, which matches the Oculus Rift. Plus, it also comes equipped with an Image Quality Enhancer that reduces screen-door-effect issues that most VR glasses users experience. Continue reading for two more videos and information.

“Additional enhancements include a 100Hz camera for positional tracking, an open framework that enables it to work with a variety of controllers, and the HDK system supports content technologies such as StreamVR. Here’s the kicker though, HDK 2 will be available for purchase at the beginning of July and retail for $399, compared to the $599 price tag for Oculus Rift and $799 for the HTC Vive. The HDK 1.4 will also be on sale for $299,” reports Hi Consumption.


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