First there was the Gundam Cafe, now a real-life anime cafe, called “Kigurumi Cafe t.t.t”, has opened in Japan, one where waitresses wear full-body suits and creepy plush heads to bring these fantasy characters to life. For those who live in the are, the cafe has now begun accepting reservations for Fall 2012. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Inaugurated in 2011, the bizarre venue has already gained considerable popularity among members of Tokyo’s anime-loving community, who come here to be waited on by kigurumi bishoujo (“beautiful young girls”) they fantasize about while watching their favorite shows.

Although the cafe’s site mentions that “touching the maids is prohibited”, clients are allowed to take photos of the waitresses and even interact with them for an additional fee. The real-life anime characters will even play mini-games with customers, but as not to break character, they will only communicate with them via body language and in writing.