10th Planet

Researchers believe there’s a Mars-sized planet lurking at the edge of the solar system. That’s right, Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra studied the orbits of objects in the Kuiper Belt, the asteroid field where Pluto is located, and discovered that objects orbit at an incline relative to the rest of the solar system. These unusual orbits normally can be explained by the gravitational influence of nearby planets, but there are no existing planets that could have caused this kind of tilt. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“One explanation, proposed by the researchers, is that there is another planet out there messing with those Kuiper Belt objects. The undiscovered planet would have to be about the same size as Mars. The researchers predict that the mystery planet is around twice as far away from us as Pluto, at 50 to 55 AU,” reports Yahoo News.

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