Time Machine Simulator

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have built a time machine simulator. In other words, this system can mimic how a quantum particle would behave if it passed through a closed time-like curve and interacted with a younger version of its self. They fired pairs of entangled light particles through a circuit, in which entangled particles are created from the same parent particle, so they are identical to each other and any force that acts on one immediately affects the other. Think of this as meeting the younger version of yourself right at the entrance to a time travel loop. Continue reading for a video and to hear what happened.

“The interaction was paradox-free, and the quantum particles came out of the mock time machine in exactly the same way they entered it. The experiment also fit both the laws of general relativity and quantum mechanics, demonstrating that the two bodies of law could actually be compatible,” according to Business Insider.

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