Researchers from the University of Singapore may have developed a better invisibility solution, and it’s called a “beam of darkness”. This invention basically envelops objects to make them invisible to the naked eye. Continue reading for a video of a similar technology by Cornell University researchers and more information.

Dvice reports that “the Singapore scientists believe their method will work better. Using what we know about things like focused light and how our eyes perceive objects, they use what they call a “beam of darkness” to affect resolution at a small level. Imagine an object that is out of focus: it seems blurry when you look at it. If you use a lens, though, you can bring it into focus and make it easier to see. The invisibility beam works opposite of this: it uses a laser with a special lens to de-focus the light coming from an object, and with enough defocusing, the object will completely disappear from view.”


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