With so many new blogs starting up each day, it’s easy for a new blogger to get lost in the shuffle. Our friends over at TechBandito decided to order up a sponsored review to help gain some readership.

They cover everything from cars to web apps.In addition to serving up the latest content daily, both of the editors have experience in the online market.

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TechBandito is powered by WordPress and boasts a very clean 3 column design — navigation (left), content (middle), and ads (right). What can they do to make the site even better? We recommend the following WordPress plugins: threaded comments, link love, top commentators, and subscribe to comments. This will furthur increase user participation, and get things rolling.

Final Comments

Even though this site is only a few months old, we can say it’s headed in the right direction, providing readers with a broad range of topics, along with informative posts. Just keep up the writing and the readers will come. A few tips, consider making a custom articles, such as a “top x” list, or try getting hands-on footage of gadgets before they’re released, as these types of articles seem to do quite well on social bookmarking sites.

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