Rheinmetall Lynx 120 Mechanized Fire Support Vehicle
The Rheinmetall Lynx 120 mechanized fire support vehicle looks like something straight from Call of Duty and has the firepower to back it up. Featuring a Rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore gun capable of firing DM11 programmable high-explosive rounds, a co-axial machine gun and a commander’s independent weapon station, complete with an additional 50-cal machine gun. A 360° camera system with automatic target detection and tracking helps the crew stay alert.

If necessary, Rheinmetall can also install special modules that are designed to protect against ballistic threats, improvised explosive devices, explosively formed penetrators and artillery fire. Most importantly, the Lynx 120 can be readily equipped with the company’s Active Defence System (ADS) to defeat rocket-propelled grenades and antitank missiles.

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Various nations are interested in acquiring the Lynx as a next-generation replacement for their aging inventories. The platform is currently a strong contender in Australian and Slovak IFV modernization plans and is competing for the USA’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) program,” said the company.

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