Rolls-Royce Intel Autonomous Ship

Rolls-Royce created a plan to deploy autonomous ships 3-years ago, but now, they’ve partnered with Intel to make it reality. These high-tech vessels can navigate without a human crew onboard, instead relying on LIDAR, radar, thermal cameras and HD cameras as well as its artificial intelligence awareness system. Its AI system will analyze the information gathered by the sensors and then use Intel’s Xeon Scalable processors for decision-making. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“And since those sensors can collect up to 1TB of data per day — data that the ships can’t upload to the cloud until it docks once a month or so — storage is a critical part of the system. Rolls-Royce will store that data on Intel’s 3D NAND SSDs that will act as the ships’ “black box” of sorts. Rolls-Royce is already testing its AI system on at least one ferry operating out of Kobe, Japan,” reports Engadget.

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