Quant e-Sportlimousine

There are hybrids, electric and now salt water-powered cars. The Quant E-Sportlimousine manages to harness the power of salt water to run four electric motors, giving it an incredible 912 horsepower and a range of nearly 400 miles, along with a top speed of 235 mph. Its four electric motors, one for each wheel, enable it to go from 0-60mph in just 2.8-seconds. “It works like a combination of a battery and a fuel cell using liquid electrolyte, which is kept in two tanks and pumped through the cell,” said the company. Continue reading for two more videos and additional information.

Moving on to the design part, the NanoFlowcell’s e-Sportlimousine is quite a large vehicle (5,257mm) that features a sleek and futuristic design. Also, the doors are gull wing doors measuring alone two meters in length. The car rides on a 3,198 mm wheelbase, being 1,357mm tall and 2,109mm wide and comes to weight around 2,300kg (5.071 pounds) when all of its flow-cell fuel tanks are full,” according to Auto Evolution.