Samsung AirDresser
Going to the dry cleaners is a must if you have fragile pieces of clothing that can’t be thrown in the machine, but sometimes, that could be a hassle if you don’t have a shop nearby or just don’t want to pay the high prices. Introducing the Samsung AirDresser. Put simply, this internet-connected smart closet of sorts uses air and steam to automatically sanitize as well as freshen clothes placed inside. Read more for two videos and additional information.

When garments are hung inside, blasts of air are used to loosen and remove dust particles, while any small bugs or allergens are blitzed using high pressure steam. Last, but not least, the clothing is dried at low temperatures, and should they need ironing, just simply press a button. A touch-enabled LCD panel up front makes it easy to control, and there’s has enough room inside for three jackets, along with three pairs of pants. It is available now worldwide.

AirDresser is Samsung’s response to consumer demand for more dynamic performance from even basic appliances, providing an easy and effective home solution to meet their needs for clean clothes that smell fresh, are germ free and look neat,” said Samsung’s Jennifer Song.