Self Healing Concrete

Trying to fix cracked concrete is a pain to say the least, but scientists in the Netherlands have managed to create a bio-concrete blend with built-in bacteria that can repair small cracks and holes in cement. The bacteria is activated by water, and would eat food provided in the concrete mixture to combine calcium with oxygen as well as carbon dioxide, to form what is essentially limestone. To find bacteria that could survive in the high-pH environment of concrete, the team looked to the naturally high pH soda lakes in Russia, and located a strain that fit both of these requirements. The bacteria was formed into tiny pellets to keep it away from the food source until needed. Scientist Henk Jonkers explains that water creates a threat to the stability of concrete: “Water is the culprit for concrete because it enters the cracks and it brings aggressive chemicals with it.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

Concrete Heal Itself