Schrade Tactical Pen

Schrade’s SCPEN4BK Survival Tactical Pen is great for emergencies, and it can be picked up for just $25.66, today only, originally $42.66. This pen can be used as a window breaker, an emergency whistle and includes a fire starter. The durable aluminum body means it can take abuse of every-day carry. Product page. Continue reading for a full video demonstration and more information.

“The survival items are nice, giving 2 of the survival essentials (signaling, fire) in a compact package. The sparker is cleverly designed. You remove the tail of the pen revealing the ferro rod. The very tip of the just removed tail can also be removed, revealing a striker. The just removed tip has threads on the OUTSIDE of the tip, so that you can reverse the tip and put it back into the handle bit you just removed from the pen, and use that as a handle for the striker plate against the ferro rod. The ferro rod is coated, a few scrapes to take of the coating and it was throwing very nicely sized sparks,” said one reviewer. More information.


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