Touchable Holograms

Finally, scientists have managed to create 3D holograms that you can actually touch. The research team, comprising scientists from universities across Japan, used a display made from femtosecond lasers, also known as “Fairy Lights,” that pulse at one quadrillionth of a second and turn air in a specific point into plasma which you can touch. According to lead researcher Yoichi Ochiai, the plasma feels like sandpaper. Continue reading for the video.

“The team’s research shows that all sorts of science-fiction displays may be possible in the future. We could have holograms that wrap around real-world objects, or body parts, or computers interfaces that float in midair. The lasers pulse so quickly that disrupting the displays with our fingers could be fed back into a computer in what would appear to our eyes as real time, like moving a mouse and seeing a cursor move on a screen. Tony Stark would certainly be pleased,” according to Quartz./p>

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