You may have heard about brain-to-brain interfacing between two rats, now scientists have achieved this between two humans. Simply put, “Rajesh Rao, who studies computational neuroscience at the University of Washington, has successfully used his mind to control the hand of his colleague, Andrea Stucco.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

The team had a Skype connection set up so the two labs could coordinate, though neither Professor Rao nor Professor Stocco could see the Skype screens. Professor Rao looked at a computer screen and played a simple video game with his mind.

When he was supposed to fire a cannon at a target, he imagined moving his right hand while being careful not to move his hand. This caused causing a cursor to hit the ‘fire’ button.

Almost instantaneously, Professor Stocco, who wore noise-cancelling earbuds and wasn’t looking at a computer screen, involuntarily moved his right index finger to push the space bar on the keyboard in front of him, as if firing the cannon.

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