You read that right, scientists have discovered not one, but three habitable planets that orbit Gliese 667C in a triple system in constellation of Scorpius, and anyone standing on one of the super-Earths would see three suns in sky. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

Because Gliese 667C is part of a triple system, anyone standing on one of the planets would see three suns in the sky. At night, the two companion stars would be as bright as the full moon on Earth.

The astronomers believe the star’s habitable zone is full – there are no more stable, long-lived orbits available within it that could contain other planets. If the Earth circled the sun at the same distance, it would be far too hot to support life. But much milder conditions may exist on planets orbiting close to dimmer, cooler stars such as Gliese 667C.