Seagate’s Momentus XT 750GB Solid State Hybrid Drive is currently being offered at just $99.99 shipped, originally priced at $179.99. The Seagate Solid State Hybrid Drive boots in seconds, not minutes. SSHD revs up your machine for peak performance (up to 4x faster than 5400 RPM hard drives). Product page. Continue reading for two videos: how to install in a MacBook Pro and a review.

Notable features:

  • Solid state hybrid drive delivers SSD-like performance with hard drive capacity options.
  • Adaptive Memory technology customizes performance by aligning to user needs for overall improved system response.
  • 80 percent faster performance than traditional 7200-RPM drives in PCMark Vantage benchmark scores.

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How to Install Momentus XT in MacBook Pro

Video Review