Self Driving BMW i3

If you’ve always wanted a self-driving electric car loaded with the latest gadgets, Rinspeed’s Budii, based on the BMW i3, should be on your shortlist. Everything you see inside and outside is controlled via smartphone. Should you get the urge to drive, a robotic arm connected to the steering wheel makes it possible to steer the car from either side – wheel can be stowed behind the large standalone screen on the center console in autonomous mode. Continue reading for another video and more information.

Rinspeed BUDII

“As for that device you see extending from the roof in some of the pictures, it isn’t because Budii is happy to see you, but what Rinspeed describes as a ‘telescoping laser scanner’ or in more simple words, a 3D camera that maps and identifies the terrain ahead and which can be raised by 700mm (28 inches). Budii features a new air-suspension with a ride-height adjustment range of 100 mm or nearly 4-inches,” reports Car Scoops.

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