Tesla P90D

One thing that set the Model S apart from other electric vehicles was that existing models could be upgraded, partially eliminating the need for owners to buy new cars every few years. Tesla previously demonstrated this point with over-the-air software upgrades for the car, and now, P85D owners who opt for the latest upgrade will receive an all-new P90D badge. This upgrade basically adds a “Ludicrous” mode, which equates to an improvement from the original 3.1-second 0-60 time, to a blazing fast 2.8-seconds. Continue reading for a video of a “Ludicrous” mode run.

“Musk admitted that customers haven’t been asking for more acceleration, but that the new Ludicrous mode was a way for Tesla to demonstrate its engineering expertise. Owners of the Model S P85D can opt for the upgrade at a cost of $5,000, plus labor, for the next six months. Buyers of a new P85D will need to pay an extra $10,000 to get the Ludicrous option. More generally useful, Musk also announced Tesla has increased the battery pack capacity to a maximum of 90 kilowatt-hours from 85 kilowatt-hours, resulting in a range of 300 miles at 65 mph, a 15-mile increase,” reports CNET.

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