SJ4000 vs GoPro

Tronsport’s SJ4000 action camera is not only priced at under $80, but it also packs enough functionality to give various GoPro models a run for their money, including a 12.0-megapixel HD wide angle lens, HDMI-out, 1080p video recording, as well as microSD expansion (up to 32GB). Best of all, just about every mount (bicycle, belt, etc.) you could want and need is included at no extra cost. One of its coolest features is “Car Mode”, and it works when you plug a microUSB cable into your car’s power outlet to automatically start recording when the ignition is fired up. Product page. Continue reading for another video comparison, more pictures and additional information.

“The SJ4000 also has a Motion Detection feature which is pretty self-explanatory. Turn on the Motion Detection from the camera’s menu and any motion in front of the camera will start the recording,” according to The Gadgeteer. More information – two batteries and an 8GB microSD card are included.

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